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Hope you guys enjoyed this episode! Next up is the Carolina Hurricanes :)
Comment from : TacTixHD

Landon Korhonen
How did Mcdavid win the Calder when it isn’t his first year
Comment from : Landon Korhonen

george kaks
caufield is a habs lets go
Comment from : george kaks

Jeremy Hensel
You should listen to the Flames goal horn and song I love it (Flames are the best)

Fan from Calgary/Flames fan

Comment from : Jeremy Hensel

Charlie Peppinck
They called Zadina to Detroit
Comment from : Charlie Peppinck

Maguire Grant
Ty rattie is from a little town outside of Calgary
Comment from : Maguire Grant

Samuel Gosselin
Also did anyone else notice that Tavares was on the ducks
Comment from : Samuel Gosselin

Samuel Gosselin
What time is named the zan Jose sharks
Comment from : Samuel Gosselin

Brandon Wells
I may be committing a major sports sim but even though I’m a lifelong Flyers fan (and kind of Coyotes since I moved out here it’s all the hockey I could see)... the flames are becoming a team close to my heart. No idea why, growing up playing like all those old NHL games when my older brother would choose the flyers I would end up choosing the Flames. I’m not a “flames fan” but if they are playing pretty much any other team than the flyers I’ll cheer for them
Comment from : Brandon Wells

Hayzer Gamerz34561
Kovalchuk 😑 booooo
Comment from : Hayzer Gamerz34561

If only it was real 😔
Comment from : JustThatGuy

Anthony Kish
Stanley cup in the first year. Just like in real life for my flames. Oh wait
Comment from : Anthony Kish

Ed TheStreamer
The page is fucking stupid.I can't make a player
Comment from : Ed TheStreamer

Parker Dab
That dumb trade was bad it was in Minnesota’s favor 100% and stop getting kovalchuk
Comment from : Parker Dab

Kaiden Davidson
Rittich is pronounce riddick
Comment from : Kaiden Davidson

Do redwings
Comment from : Ha3Tr

44:28 McDavid rookie of the year 2017-2018🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂
Comment from : JDHorns

Alex G
Third year in the league for mcdavid and he wins the calder, seems legit
Comment from : Alex G

I met Rasmuss Anderson at work here in Calgary. Sweet dude. I’m fired up for him to come up soon
Comment from : AutopsyOmg

Charlie Peppinck
Nice moves in Free agency!😎 Go Flames Go!
Comment from : Charlie Peppinck

Charlie Peppinck
Good trades= Good team👌
Comment from : Charlie Peppinck

Charlie Peppinck
More things from the Flames. Do Season mode next
Comment from : Charlie Peppinck

Cam Sass
yooooo it was released today the kovalchuk would sign with the rangers
Comment from : Cam Sass

Nate Tidwell
If the goal is to make a team better, and signing Kovalchuk does that, why shouldn't he?

Every gm imaginable would sign a 1st Line Forward if their goal was to win the cup within 3 seasons like this.

Comment from : Nate Tidwell

James Luton
Love the series.. Think you should of carried on to see how many Stanley cup wins you could get in a row try and get a record yano !
Comment from : James Luton

Joel Crumrine
GM of the year
Comment from : Joel Crumrine

3x Norris winner Duncan Keith nice
Comment from : Matt

Yes! Fave team back to back cups!
Comment from : Shazam

Is that my Seattle Storm Bears in the beginning? 0:13
Comment from : aoc

Puru Mander
That hockey team bus that crashed up in Canada a guy looks like tactix he's 21 I think
Comment from : Puru Mander

Chris Sass
Please stop signing Kovalchuk!!!
Comment from : Chris Sass

Marc-Anthony Bertaggia
Can you add Jake Evans as one of the college prospects?
Comment from : Marc-Anthony Bertaggia

Lil Skygold
Can u do a Montreal rebuild
Comment from : Lil Skygold

Damiano Nirchi
How do u change position on a player?
Comment from : Damiano Nirchi

i had a team with an 84 goalie in malcom subban and had a 59 win year on top of a b2b cup
Comment from : Amps

Matthew Pellegrino
Difference between 2BC and TacTix is Johnny will watch the 20 minute overtime for his fans what TacTix doesn’t give a f.
Comment from : Matthew Pellegrino

Timmy Johnson
Dislike crew checking in
Comment from : Timmy Johnson

Aaron Certo
Take Kovulchuk out of the game.
Comment from : Aaron Certo

Derek Lasker
13:51 nice
Comment from : Derek Lasker

Soccer Boys 14
I love this
Comment from : Soccer Boys 14

Jarl Jonah
After Carolina could you do the wild?
Comment from : Jarl Jonah

manu imbo
After carolina can you do montreal canadian please
Comment from : manu imbo

Gabriel Lavoie
Do Montreal
Comment from : Gabriel Lavoie

Oskar Lundström
Do The sens
Comment from : Oskar Lundström

Cody Neale
I LOVE the length of these videos!! makes night shifts go by faster.
Comment from : Cody Neale

Isaiah Aj
this is my fav series on youtube right now. please keep em coming
Comment from : Isaiah Aj

Liam Ball
Mangiapane should have way higher potential than AHL top 6
Comment from : Liam Ball

Nathan Roloson
On behalf of all flames fans feel free too drop off your resume and application too become the new GM 🔥
Comment from : Nathan Roloson

Curtis F
Comment from : Curtis F

Carlos Craigito
Even if they didn’t win the cup, Macdonalds quicksell is 25k and he goes for 35-40k.
Comment from : Carlos Craigito

Sam Gautreau
Why do people care if he signs Kovalchuk haha
Comment from : Sam Gautreau

Add jordan greenway to the wild
Comment from : Novice

abovexpert #16
Love your videos
Comment from : abovexpert #16

As a Calgary fan, u did a solid job tax, great job, if only this was reality
Comment from : TheDabbingTaco

NHL Legend11
Great video though tac tix
Comment from : NHL Legend11

cooper Brovold
matt dumba becomes an 87 overall in like two years
Comment from : cooper Brovold

xd memes
Good vid, but you mispronounce every second name
Comment from : xd memes

PapaRod 61
The find a way Flames have done it again
Comment from : PapaRod 61

PapaRod 61
as soon as the video came out all the flames fans click right on it
Comment from : PapaRod 61

Owen G.
Oilers fan here. Very upset with this video. I'm okay with this video as long as the oilers get 2 or more cups as well
Comment from : Owen G.

Insane Mantis
Tarasenko with the 63 goals in that sim, wow.
Comment from : Insane Mantis

NHL Legend11
Get rid of kovalchuk or assign him to a different team cause I want you to stop signing him
Comment from : NHL Legend11

Just signed up at the VHL it’s actually really cool!
Comment from : Beaviss

sof for
Comment from : sof for

Bardownskis Snipe
Mcdavid for Calder lol that’s weird
Comment from : Bardownskis Snipe

colin giovannini
I love this series. keep it up cole!
Comment from : colin giovannini

Comment from : androdeem

42:50 20 minute periods, yeah, but it doesnt matter at all because 1st goal wins
Comment from : TTB TV

Martin Trosell
Plzz if you win in year one or two. Still play to year 3 and try to become a dynasty or win back to back cups just a tip to improve the series becouse the other teams have all been 3 years I feel like you can still put in this New rule
Comment from : Martin Trosell

Mike Silva
Do the leafs
Comment from : Mike Silva

Vinny the best196
do it with the montreal canadien
Comment from : Vinny the best196

You need to trade gaudreau. In real life his terrible coke problem and ego cause absolutely horrible locker room problems, and is the reason they didn’t make it this year.
Comment from : BadBoiFilms

You should also do an actual franchise mode along with this series
Comment from : Pavelmemenevich

Luka Vlaco
Thank you tactix for rebuilding my favourite team
Comment from : Luka Vlaco

Cooper Terry
there is nothing wrong with signing kovalchuk sign him every time
Comment from : Cooper Terry

Tactix the man
Comment from : Mirsabway

Kaleb Ingalls
Love this series, such an interesting way to approach gm/franchise mode. Keep it comin!
Comment from : Kaleb Ingalls

Cade FTW
Can't wait for Winnipeg that one will be good.
Comment from : Cade FTW

Iggy Henhawk
Good video
Comment from : Iggy Henhawk

Chase Kimball
Love this series!
Comment from : Chase Kimball

Kolvalchuk again 😑
Comment from : TDEDITS 31

Robbie Wilkinson
15th person
Comment from : Robbie Wilkinson

Mark Cole
Comment from : Mark Cole

suck my bum
All you do is sign Kovalchuk every time on any team that's the only reason your teams get better
Comment from : suck my bum

Cory Stanford
Comment from : Cory Stanford

Instant like
Comment from : CANT THINK OF A NAME

Parkour Master24
Comment from : Parkour Master24

Elliot Moser
Comment from : Elliot Moser

dylan abbott
Ayeee post notifications for my favorite series
Comment from : dylan abbott

Planet Mars
First to say first
Comment from : Planet Mars

Hockeydude 97
First let’s go
Comment from : Hockeydude 97

Cleetus V.2
Comment from : Cleetus V.2

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